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CED Coatings

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Highest Corrosion Resistance

Cathodic electro-deposition coating (CED) ensures highest demands on appearance, corrosion resistance and environmental friendliness. In connection with zinc and zinc alloy systems (duplex coatings) corrosion resistance of up to 2000 hours according to DIN EN ISO 9227 can be achieved. Anodic dip painting (ADP) is used for special application areas and materials.

The use of a patented paint system allows coverage of a broad palette of colours. All types of steel, cast iron, aluminium alloys, magnesium alloys as well as already zinc-plated steel parts can be coated. Used as visible coating or base coat in combination with powder or wet coating - CED coating guarantees reliable protection. The main application areas are automotive and commercial vehicle industry, agricultural machinery industry, engineering and fittings industry.

Component Size

The maximum component size amounts to a length of 2,400 mm, a width of 1,000 mm and a height of 1,700 mm.

DGT Duscher Galvanotechnik GmbH - CED Coatings DGT Duscher Galvanotechnik GmbH - CED Coatings DGT Duscher Galvanotechnik GmbH - CED Coatings DGT Duscher Galvanotechnik GmbH - CED Coatings


The work pieces are located on component-specific manually loaded carriers and are pre-treated using dip-coating. The painting process uses the dipping method as well. Lead-free, edge-optimized and black e-coat is cataphoretically deposited onto the parts to be coated. Next, the paint is cross-linked in a hot-air furnace. The CED process is suitable for stamped, bent and welded parts, as well as for pipes and small parts made of bright or galvanized steel and aluminium.


Highest corrosion protection, uniform, thin, flexible layer with deep penetration into voids and cavities. Coated threads remain smoothly running. High resistance against fuels, acids and leachate.

Highest Corrosion Protection for Sophisticated Component Design

DGT Duscher Galvanotechnik developed rotating, tilting and swivelling frames for your complex components, which allow CED coating application to housings, precision and conical parts with cavities and voids, threads, blind holes and connectors without any difficulties. These specialized frames are supported by specifically designed three-dimensional tilting equipment in the coating bath as well as in the entire pre-treatment process. This enables us to coat even complex components without errors and air inclusions.

DGT Duscher Galvanotechnik GmbH - CED Coatings DGT Duscher Galvanotechnik GmbH - CED Coatings DGT Duscher Galvanotechnik GmbH - CED Coatings DGT Duscher Galvanotechnik GmbH - CED Coatings

CED Duplex Coatings

Duplex coating is very often used for components exposed to extreme corrosion loads, such as in the engine compartment or in the underbody area. Hereby, components are coated using a zinc or zinc alloy (zinc nickel) prior to the CED coating. The following CED coating ensures the required high corrosion resistance. More information about duplex coatings...


High corrosion protection even for complicatedly formed parts due to exclusive frame technology and tilting equipment
Highest corrosion protection values due to new nano-stabilised pre-treatment processes
Uniform coating distribution
Good wrap-around, thus, uniform coating of complicatedly formed parts and pipes, even in the inner areas

Resistant against fuels, oils and brake fluids
Temperature resistant up to 150 ?C permanent load
Environmentally friendly process (chrome and lead-free)
Complies with the EU End-of-Life Vehicle Directive

Further information is available upon request. We are looking forward to assist you!