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Phosphate Coating

During phosphate coating a fine, crystalline salt layer consisting of metallic phosphate is generated on top of the metal surface, which is strongly linked with the material. This layer can be used as pre-treatment for later coatings.

Zinc Phosphate Coating

In order to optimize the protective effect of CED coating, the work pieces are additionally zinc-phosphated prior to the actual CED coating. Hereby hardly soluble tertiary zinc phosphate adheres to the metallic work pieces. The result is high corrosion resistance and optimum adhesive conditions for the following surface sealing in the CED-bath.

Manganese Phosphate Coating

This phosphate coating adds an additional sliding layer onto metal components (e.g. metallic, rotating gear and engine parts, etc.).

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DGT Discher Galvanotechnik GmbH - Phosphate Coating
DGT Discher Galvanotechnik GmbH - Phosphate Coating

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