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Duscher Galvanotechnik has professional experience in many different processes. We are able to recommend to you the most suitable process for every product. Convince yourself of our services!

CED Coating

Cathodic electro-deposition coating (CED) ensures highest demands on appearance, corrosion resistance and environmental friendliness. Learn more...

Powder coating is suitable for scratch and impact-resistant surface coatings. Learn more...

Zinc Systems

Electro-galvanising followed by chromate coating is the most frequently used and most cost-efficient process for reliable corrosion protection for metal parts. Learn more...

Zinc Iron

Many lines of industry require coating characteristics, which cannot be achieved using conventional zinc processes. We offer a zinc iron process meeting these requirements. Learn more...

Zinc Nickel

Components with zinc nickel coatings are mainly used in engine compartments, brake areas and fuel-bearing systems. Learn more...

Duplex Coating

Using duplex coating mass production components in high quantities can be coated with electroplated coating and a CED coating. Learn more...

Finishing Treatments

Our most frequently used fishing treatment is annealing. This removes hydrogen embrittlement and related residual stress in the work piece. Learn more...

Further information is available upon request. We are looking forward to assist you!



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